At Gadget Hospital we have over 10 years experience repairing Smartphones. Laptops, Tablets, Computers, Desktops, Drones and a myriad of other electronic devices.

From your ever so popular Apple iPhone Models, to Samsung Smartphones, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Google Pixel, HTC, OnePlus, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, and all the other brands in the market place.

We are a one stop smartphone, tablet, computer and drone repair store. We offer a fast ON THE SPOT repair service for 90 percent of repairs.


The smartphone market was once dominated by Apple and their iPhones, and Samsung Smartphones and their various S range, Note range, and their J Series and their new A Series of Samsung smartphones. There are now over 20 different smartphone manufacturers. At Gadget Hospital we offer a unique ANY DEVICE ANY REPAIR policy. If we can source the screen, we can fix your device. If you have a cracked screen on your Apple iPhone, or you have a OnePlus 7 Pro with a broken screen, its no problem at Gadget Hospital.We are generally able to source the screen within 24 hours, and have you back with your smartphone. Repaired tested and ready to go.


We offer a range of repair options for you. At Gadget Hospital its all about choice.
Aftermarket Screens – We source the best quality aftermarket screens with the closest match to your original screen display. These screens are a fast and affordable option for your screen repair. Backed with our hassle free 12 month warranty.Original Quality Screens – At Gadget Hospital we understand that many customers want to retain that original quality look and feel of their device. We are able to offer Original Quality screens for your iPhone screen repair or Samsung Phone screen repair. These screens are often sourced direct from a manufacturer supplier, or are a refurbished version of an original screen. Our Original Quality screens are backed by our Lifetime Warranty.Our Samsung Original Quality screens are Samsung Service Pack screens. We source these screens directly from a Samsung Supplier. The look, colour, touch and feel is identical to your Original Samsung Screen. We are also able to offer high quality aftermarket Samsung screens at up to 50% of the price of a Samsung Service Pack screen.

Screen Repair

If your Apple iPhone is having screen issues, in need of a cracked screen repair on your apple iphone, flickering screen on your apple iphone, no picture or dead pixels you may be in need of a Apple iPhone Screen Repair.  We also provide screen repair services for Samsung phones, Oppo phones, huawei phones, xiaomi phone and all the brands available in Australia.

Charging Repair

Apple iPhone not charging properly we are able to repair or replace your Apple iPhone Charge Port. Samsung charge port, Oppo charge port, Huawei charge port, Google charge port, phone not charging properly there are various options available to keep your phone going. Repair, replace or add a wireless charger to your smartphone. Gadget Hospital are able to assess you device ON THE SPOT, and get you back on the road.

Battery Repair

Is your Apple phoned getting hot, or your Apple iPhone battery not lasting as long as it should. Then your Apple iPhone may need a battery replacement. The average battery with average usage, brightness and features turned on should last 10 – 12 hours all depending on usage. If you iPhone Battery is only lasting 4 – 6 hours then this may be a clear sign battery repair is required. If your iPhone is turning off when not on charge, your iPhone is turning off randomly and you need to plug it into a power source to turn it on, it may definitely need a charging port replacement. Gadget Hospital are also able to repair battery issues with your Samsung phone, Huawei phone battery replacement, Oppo battery replacement, OnePLus battery replacement

Microphone Repair

People having trouble hearing you on your apple iphone. Your iphone may need the microphone repaired or replaced. Your Apple iPhone microphone may only need a simple clean, but if this shows no improvement, then a complete Microphone replacement is required. In most instance the microphone is part of the charging port. And this whole part is replaced as one component. Often a microphone issue requires a motherboard repair. We are also able to repair motherboard sound issues. If your Samsung phone is having sound issues, it is either a speaker issue or microphone issue. We are able to repair or replace the Microphone in your samsung phone. Huawei microphone issue,

Speaker Repair

Having trouble hearing your customers, or hearing your music, or more importantly your wife, husband or kids. Voice and sounds on your phone sound tiny or vibrate, your iphone is in need of a speaker repair. Your iphone has several speakers each can easily be tested and replaced. Repairing or replacing your iPhone speaker is an easy simple procedure

Button Repair

The buttons on your smartphone are used often, and quickly can become stiff, stuck or dirty or damaged..If your iPhone has a home button issue, or your iPhone volume or iPhone power button becomes stuck or is no longer working, we are able to repair or replace the button on your iPhone.

Reception Repair

Not getting good reception, or lost reception all together on your Apple iPhone. We are able to repair antenna, and also perform logic board repairs to your Apple iPhone. Many iPhone issues relating to the signal or reception of your iphone are on the logic / motherboard. And it can easily and affordably be repaired.

Motherboard Repair

Camera not working on your device. PIcture fuzzy on your iphone or samsung smartphone, black dots or hazy, or cloudy picture on your iphone or samsung photos. We are able to clean in many instances your camera lens so you can take crystal clear pictures. If we are unable to clean the lens we are also able to replace the Front or Repair Camera on your Apple iPone or Samsung Smartphone.

Back Glass Repair

The smartphone market has changed dramatically over the years. Customers want slim shiny, and heavier devices. With that devices are made with glass back panels. These panels are fused onto the smartphone through various methods. Gadget Hospital are able to replace Apple iPhone back glass. Samsung Back glass replacement are done on the spot. Apple iPhone back glass repair take 2 – 3 hours depending on workloads.

Water Damage Repair

Lets face is. Most of us have had a close encounter with water and our smartphone. Should your iPhone become water damaged. First and foremost. DO NOT TURN IT ON. Turning on a water damaged iPhone can cause further damage to your device. Gadget Hospital technicians have the skill and expertise to diagnose and repair your Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo or any other smartphone. In fact most smartphones are able to be repair if they have not been charged or turned on after they have been water damaged.


Our repair expertise covers everything from

Cracked Screens, Broken Screens, Smashed Screens, Battery Issues, phone not holding charge, turning off, Power Button not working, unable to turn your phone on or off, Charging Issues, Phone Not taking power, Volume Issues, cant turn up or down the volume, Ear Speaker issues, unable to hear your phone calls, Microphone Issues, other party cant hear your voice, Unlocking, unable to use your phone with any other carrier, Phone wont turn on, Water Damage

We repair ANY MAKE and ANY MODEL of SMARTPHONE or device.

We also repair All Laptops Computers

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